Christine Weber Training offers training and mentorship in all aspects of the Customer Experience with an emphasis on the Sales Process.

A Customer Experience Strategy includes Marketing, Sales, Client Acquisition, Operations, Client Retention, and more!  Since our belief is that our customers are always in a sales cycle, this makes every interaction (directly or indirectly) equally as important and aligned strategies that much more vital!

Our training and mentorship is directly aimed at the immediate and future success of your company for long term ROI.

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Our Customer Experience (CX) Training brings together the pre & post sales process to align a company's actions with the way they want their customers to  experience their brand in order to  increase sales, build stronger customer relationships, and more!


Our Marketing (Pre-Sales) Training covers the overall brand voice, connects the voice to a client's expectations, and ties together the importance of being in alignment with sales and the deliverable.


Our Sales Training covers the importance of a strong sales process aligned with the customer experience to effectively sell to a customer based on their needs, sell against the competition, stand out, build quick relationships, close the business, and more!


Our Customer Acquisition Training  combines Marketing & Sales strategies that brings a customer from brand awareness to purchase decision. This is usually the most time consuming & expensive part of the customer sales cycle.


Our Operations (Post-Sales) Training covers how to take a customer's expectation from the sale and follow through on the promised deliverable while maintaining the degree of service set by the brand voice.


Our Customer Retention Training covers the ability for a company to turn customers into repeat buyers and prevent losing them to a competitor. With proper retention strategies, you have the ability to keep a strong base while being active in acquiring new business.


Our Customer Service Training goes through strategic and customized customer service strategies. We cover email, phone, zoom, and DM etiquette as well as handling negative situations without escalation and defusing negative situations early on.


Our Leadership Training consists of the breakdown of what a leader really is, how to best align themselves within their team for maximum growth, and the connection between leadership and the overall success of the customer experience.

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