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Hi! I'm Christine! 

I'm a competitive, sports-loving hockey mom who is as passionate about supporting my teams as I am about supporting YOUR TEAM!  I am an expert Sales & Customer Experience (CX) trainer who is excited to help you invest into your staff and formulate a strategy to lead your team to success that would continue to offer ROI for many years to come!

I have an extensive customer experience background including marketing, sales & operations with a strong ability to build quick relationships, go above and beyond the typical calls of duty, and encourage others to do the same!  My high caliber customer service is second to none and leads my ability to market, sell, and deliver over and above expectations every time.

What Do I Have To Offer?

My background has primarily been in the hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants, and catering halls but is widely universal and allows me to train within all industries.  I have many years of Sales & Operations experience working directly with customers at every stage of the customer sales cycle and at every level within an organization.  I have worked under Marriott, Hilton, & various levels of Independent Hotel Brands throughout the Northeast United States from suburb and city to waterfront hotels and beyond.  I have a high level of expertise in event planning, catering, and food and beverage which truly allowed me to connect with each of my clients from Marketing and Sales through Operations and the overall deliverable all while maintaining the highest level of customer service.

Utilizing my Bachelors of Business Administration degree (BBA), my previous years of senior athletics in Women’s Field Hockey and Women’s Lacrosse, my previous leadership roles in hospitality, and my extensive experience in the service industry, I have developed a strong ability to connect with my team members and mentor them along their growth process.  My high level of training was confirmed when I led my former sales team to win a national title of “Hotel of the Quarter – Sales” four quarters in a row by a top-rated shop call company based on average shop call scores from Q2 2019 to Q1 2020, just prior to the pandemic.  At that time, I realized my passion and calling in life was to give back to those whose shoes I have previous walked in, which is where Christine Weber Training was born.

So What Can I Do For You?

My method of training allows me to offer custom mentorship and guidance – meaning I don't just teach, I help implement. I train based on the strengths and weaknesses of the trainee(s) to get the most of every training experience.  My goal is to quickly offer ROI to my clients and ramp up the productivity of their team at every level with a custom strategy and the tools to succeed.  The difference between myself and other trainers is that I TRULY CARE about your success and the success of my trainees!

The Customer Experience has always been at the forefront of what I do and what drives me.  I finally have the ability to combine my love for sales, operations, and building successful customer relationships with my love for training and mentoring team members and setting their companies and careers up for long term success.

Let's discuss how I can make a difference with your team TODAY!


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